Improve Email Delivery With These 5 Tips

Improve Email DeliveryYou can improve email delivery with these very simple steps. Email delivery rates can vary dramatically depending on your server configuration, the type of software you are using, and the server’s reputation that you are sending your mail from. Below are 5 tips to help you improve your email delivery rates.

How To Improve Email Delivery

1. Be Relevant

Include content in your emails that are both relevant to the recipient and well formatted. Make sure you include information or tips that will help your reader. If all they receive from you is a constant stream of advertisments they are more likely to mark your message as spam or send it to the trash. Relevancy is very important to improve email delivery.

2. Send In Small Batches

Most ISPs monitor and measure the amount of emails that are coming from your mail server. These ISPs will throttle your email delivery rate lower if they detect large amounts of mail being sent from your domain or mail server. It is important to send your mailings in small batches that will not trigger the ISPs to temporarily (greylisting) or permanently (blacklisting) emails from your domain. If you have ever suddently received an influx of Email Delivery Receipt Gmail or Yahoo you have probably experienced greylisting.

3. Get On White Lists

The most effective method to improve email delivery rates is to enlist the services of a company like Return Path to improve email delivery rates. If you can get your server whitelisted then you will have an unobstructed path your recipient inboxes. Whitelisting with Yahoo and Google in particular will certainly improve email delivery rates.

4. Get Off Black Lists

If ISPs have detected you are sending too much email or if individual recipients have reported your email as spam, you may end up on one of hundreds of individually operated black lists. To check if you are listed on any of these black lists we suggest MXToolBox. You can enter your domain or IP address into this free tool to determine if you have been blacklisted. If you have, you can request to have your information removed from the blacklist.

5. Reply to Challenge Responses

As you are sending out mailings you may receive challenge emails that ask you to confirm that you intended to send email to the recipient. It is important to respond to the challenge emails with a response as this will build your sending reputation and improve your email delivery rates.

Improve Email Delivery Rate = Improve Campaign Results

In addition to making your own changes it may also be necessary to use the email delivery services of companies like, or any other reputable provider to help get email delivered. These companies employ email delivery technologies to help you get as many emails through to your customer’s inboxes as possible.

If you decide that increasing the delivery of emails is too difficult to handle on your own you may want to consider the mailing broadcast feature with improve email delivery provided by SimplerLeads. Our broadcast feature uses all of the tips above and we utilize the latest email delivery technology to eliminate email delivery notification failures and improve email delivery.


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