How To Use Email Marketing Autoresponders Effectively

One of the most important tools an online marketer can use is an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a mailing interface that allows you to automatically send a series of follow up emails to people who opt-in to your lists. Even though this can be one of the most effective methods of gaining new business and profits, many marketers do not use autoresponders effectively. Below are 5 important tips that will help you get the most benefit from your autoresponder.

1./ Utilizing Follow Up Messages

If you are like many marketers you go through the trouble of ordering and setting up your autoresponder capture forms. You may even create your first follow up message. Where many fall short is not creating enough follow up messages when they create their autoresponder.

Although it cam be time consuming. It is vitally important to set up at least 7 to 10 follow up messages in your autoresponder. Each of these messages should offer some type of value to your subscribe and entice them to stay on your list and keep opening your emails.

2./ Stay In Regular Contact

Many marketers go through all the trouble of autoresponder up and start building their lists but do not keep in regular contact with their subscribers. If you have ever signed up for an email list and not heard any communication until months later you likely had trouble remembering who and what you opt-ed into in the first place.

It is important when people subscribe to your autoresponder that you send them a series of regular follow up emails that contain value. If you keep in regular contact your list members will be more likely to stay subscribed because they recognize the emails and know why they are receiving them.

3./ Send An Immediate Email

When someone opts into your list your autoresponder should send them an immediate email. If you wait and send an email 24 hours later you have a higher chance that subscribers will not remember why they opted-in. Reach out to your new list members early and always include something of value in your initial emails (a free report, free advice, a link to an ebook or helpful article, etc.)

4./ Establish A Balance

After your initial emails it is important to establish a balance of content oriented emails to promotional emails. You do not want to spam your list daily with new advertisements or you will quickly find yourself losing subscribers. You need to establish a balance and include emails that provide value you to your subscribers in order to keep them as active subscribers.

5./ Offer Something Exciting Or Slightly Controversial

Enticing your readers and keeping your subscribers interested are vital concepts that will help you build a large and loyal subscriber base. Use enticing language and offer slightly controversial (but never offensive) content that will keep your readers interested and engaged.


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