The Reason Why Most Internet Marketers Fail…

After watching internet trends come and go for over 10 years, I am often asked by customers why internet marketing is so hard and why most internet marketers fail.

The reason, in my eyes, is obvious… They spend too much time chasing the latest get rich scheme, MLM, or newly launched opportunity and not enough time building a foundation for their business.

The easiest and most effective method of building a foundation for your online marketing business is through list building. With the incredibly widespread use of social marketing, list building has never been more achievable and effective.

So before you run off to chase down the next MLM launch, please stop yourself and focus your efforts somewhere where you can actually build and see tangible progress. The results will shock you.

Here’s the basics on how to get started…

1./ Start today by assembling a list of your existing downline members (if you’re involved in MLM or network marketing), business contacts, associates, or customers. If you are not ready or able to purchase a web-based mailer like an autoresponder then you can store this list of contacts in a spreadsheet program or word processing document.

2./ Over the coming days seek out methods that will allow you to establish contact with other potential clients or customers. Good free places to start are social networking websites like LinkedIn or Facebook. You can also place free classifieds on websites like CraigsList. When you establish contact with potential clients ask if you can add them to your contact list. Explain that you send out occasional articles and helpful information that will benefit them.

3./ Over the next few weeks write an article, or ebook that you will give away for free to people in exchange for them giving you permission to send them emails. Providing an incentive for people to join your list by providing them something of value is one of the quickest and most effective methods to building a sizable list.

4./ As your list grows make sure that when you send out emails to your growing list of prospects that you are sending emails that provide your subscribers with helpful content or valuable information. If you repeatedly send advertisements to your list you will quickly find that your list size will shrink and so will your profits. If you provide your list members with value or quality content in addition to the occasional advertisement you will find that you have happy list members who are more likely to tell their friends about the amazing content they are receiving from you.

Follow these basic guidelines, start building a sizable list of happy subscribers and you will find that the rewards and profits will ultimately follow.


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