Writing Better Ad Copy: 5 Quick Tips

Effective ad copy can make or break your business. It can be one of the most important tools that you can use to make your business a success. The goal of writing effective ad copy is to grab the prospects attention through the reader’s emotions and then convince them to take action (clicking your link, calling your phone number, etc.). Here are 5 quick tips to writing more effective ad copy…

1. Grab Their Attention

Spend the majority of your time writing a headline or subject line (if using email advertising) that will immediately catch the reader’s attention. The goal is to grab their attention and put a question into his or her mind that will entice them to keep reading.

2. Use Imagery

Once you have the reader’s attention the next step is to create a mental image or your product or service in their mind. Humans are visual by nature and your readers will remember your product if they can picture your product visually.

3. Tell A Relatable Story

The next step is to develop a story. Humans will remember a story much better than a list of bulleted features or a paragraph of sales pitch. You can tell them a story of how the product is made, tell them a story of someone who benefited from your product, etc. If you can put the reader in the shoes of the main person in your story then you will see your sales and profits increase.

4. Provide A Solution That Plays On Their Emotions

Once you have captured their attention and put them in the shoes of the person in your story it is important to describe to them how your product or service will help solve their problem. You can use a bulleted list of features as long as your features appeal to your reader on an emotional level.

5. Don’t Block The Sale.

The sales process from beginning to end is a delicate one. Do not include anything in your sales copy that would block or divert your reader’s attention. Make sure your ad copy is written in a way where you are not allowing your customer any reason to stray from the process of buying your product.


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